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Company's profile

Company's profile

Han S.A. comprise historical continuation of V. Chandrinos & Sons Co., which established by Vasilios Chandrinos at the year 1989 in Athens. Our main features are flexibility, competitiveness  and consistency on our high quality standards when all our efforts aim towards the gratification of our customers in all levels. For over thirty years we keep on growing and manage to expand our productivity.

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Financial data

Han S.A. 2012 Balance sheet - View in pdf.

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Management Quality System

Management Quality System of Han S.A. is certified from DQS, according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 13485:2016 models for the production and the legal requirements of Ministerial Decision 1348/2004 on the distribution. Based on EOF (National Organization of Medicines), our company is authorised to produce and circulate it's products worldwide. All our medical products and merchandisers are provided with CE trademark.

General manager is committed for permanent harmonisation and conformity with the international and domestic requirements, and also for the constant improvement of management quality system. 
Furthermore the objectives of quality are reviewed and determined regularly by the administration, according to new proposals, ideas and needs. 
The Quality Manager is responsible for the proper implementation of Quality Policy, and more generally for the implementation of Quality System.
The activities/processes of Quality that have been placed are considered obligatory. With this significance is not allowed any deviation or alternative activity/process. All employees of Han S.A. should follow the quality regulations, even when they are not involved with the quality procedures.

Below are the certificates of our company's management quality system:

EOF - Authorisation of production - view in pdf
EOF - Declaration of conformity CE - view in pdf
DQS - ISO 9001:2015 - view in pdf
DQS - ISO 13485:2016 - view in pdf
DQS - M.D. DY8d-G.P.oik.-1348-2004 - view in pdf

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Video presentation of ABI System-100 

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